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M.Sc Respiratory Therapy at Yenepoya Bangalore Campus

M.Sc Respiratory Therapy at Yenepoya Bangalore Campus is a 2-year postgraduation course. The course is mainly designed to train individuals in the specialized field of respiratory care. Respiratory therapists are crucial members of healthcare teams, particularly in critical care settings like hospitals, emergency departments, and intensive care units.

The curriculum of an M.Sc. in Respiratory Therapy typically includes advanced coursework in pathophysiology, pharmacology, respiratory physiology, patient assessment, mechanical ventilation, critical care procedures, and research methods.

Why Yenepoya Bangalore Campus?

The Yenepoya Bangalore is one the best institutions in Bangalore that provides affiliations or partnerships with healthcare facilities, research institutions, or universities in Bangalore, students may have the chance to participate in activities or training programs there. This exposure can be valuable for students to broaden their perspectives, network with professionals in their field, and gain practical experience relevant to their studies.

M.Sc Respiratory Therapy at Yenepoya Bangalore Campus Fee Structure

Yenepoya Bangalore 2024-25 Fee Structure

1st Year 2nd Year Total Fees

FAQ of M.Sc Respiratory Therapy at Yenepoya Bangalore

Are there opportunities for research or specialization within the program in Yenepoya Bangalore Campus?

Some programs offer options for students to focus on particular areas of respiratory therapy, such as pediatric care, critical care, or pulmonary rehabilitation.

What are the clinical requirements for M.Sc Respiratory at Yenepoya Bangalore Campus?

M.Sc. Respiratory Therapy programs include hands-on clinical experience as part of the curriculum. Students might ask about the duration, location, and types of clinical rotations available.

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