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Kyrgyzstan National University Campus Life

Nestled within the heart of Kyrgyzstan, our prestigious educational institution Kyrgyzstan National University – Yenepoya International MBBS stands as a beacon of academic excellence. Offering a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, we are committed to nurturing the intellectual growth of students and contributing to skilled professionals across various fields.

kyrgyzstan national university yenepoya international mbbs

Our campus thrives as a hub of innovation and knowledge exchange. Here, educators and students converge to shape the future through rigorous research and dynamic discussions. With a curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and practical skills, we empower our students with theoretical knowledge and the tools to navigate real-world complexities.

Create Your Future in Medicine with Kyrgyzstan National University and Yenepoya International Education!

Beyond academia, our institution is a community united by a passion for learning. Cultural diversity thrives on our campus as students worldwide come together to learn, grow, and form bonds that
extend beyond borders. Our experienced mentors are dedicated to imparting knowledge and nurturing your potential. State-of-the-art facilities complement our commitment to academic excellence. So, As you embark on your journey within our institution, you’ll find a conducive environment to explore your chosen field and emerge as a well-rounded professional ready to contribute globally.

Students Life at Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyzstan offers students a distinct and enriching life, encompassing its atmosphere, culture,
and cuisine.

Kyrgyzstan National University Campus Facilities:

Find yourselves in a modern learning environment with contemporary classrooms, lecture halls, and cutting-edge laboratories, all designed for effective and engaging learning experiences. Unlock your research potential with dedicated research centres that fuel innovation and advanced projects
across various disciplines. Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge with our well-equipped library, offering a vast collection of resources for in-depth academic exploration.

Yenepoya International MBBS Student Life:

Immerse yourself in a vibrant multicultural environment that nurtures cross-cultural understanding, fostering friendships that span the globe. Nurture your holistic development with access to recreational facilities, lush green spaces, and spacious auditoriums, designed to ignite your passions outside the classroom. In addition, Experience the comfort of on-campus living in our hostels, complete with essential amenities, ensuring a convenient and enriching stay as you pursue your educational dreams.

Collaborative Excellence between
Yenepoya International Education (YIE) & Kyrgyz National University

Experience the power of collaboration as Yenepoya International Education (YIE) teams up with Kyrgyz
National University. Together, we’re revolutionizing medical education, enhancing practical training, and
prioritizing student well-being. So, Prepare for a journey of excellence like no other.

Elevate your medical education journey through a strategic partnership with Yenepoya International Education(YIE) and Kyrgyz National University. YIE, a vital entity within the esteemed Yenepoya Group, joins hands with us to enhance your academic experience. Our collaboration emphasizes academic development, practical training, and the overall welfare of our students.

Yenepoya International MBBS Education’s Quality Faculties:

Embark on a journey of comprehensive medical education guided by experienced Doctor Trainers.
Benefit from real-world case studies that deepen your practical understanding of medical concepts.
Our faculty brings a wealth of expertise to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for
your medical career.

Simulation Lab by Yenepoya International Education :

Immerse yourself in hands-on learning at the state-of-the-art Yenepoya Simulation Lab. Experience realistic medical scenarios that mirror actual patient care situations, allowing you to refine your clinical skills. This cutting-edge facility serves as a bridge between theory and practice, equipping you for
real-world medical challenges.

Kyrgyz National University Practical Training:

We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between medical theory and practical application. Engage in comprehensive practical training that prepares you to deliver superior patient care. Gain exposure to cutting-edge medical practices through industry visits, enriching your medical knowledge and skills.

Embark on Your MBBS Journey with KNU and YIE:
A Path to Excellence in Medical Education

As you set foot on this path, you step into a world of comprehensive learning, cutting-edge resources, and a network of support that nurtures your growth. Our partnership with KNU is a testament to our commitment to not only academic excellence but also to your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Embrace a dynamic learning approach with a blend of online resources, assignments, and interactive live classes. Prepare confidently for licensing and certiϮcation exams through our rigorous emphasis on exams.

Academic Excellence:

Our collaboration with Yenepoya International Education ensures unwavering high standards of
medical education. Benefit from accomplished faculties, advanced laboratories, and practices aligned with industry norms.

Fee Structure of the MBBS Programme at Kyrgyzstan National University (Yenepoya International MBBS Education)

Year Fee
One Time Fee (First Year Only)INR 1,18,000.
Other Expenses only for 1st year (Home office registration charges, airport reception, admission charges, administrative fee, service charges, etc. included)US $ 2,000.
Residence permit issuance, Document Apostille, Doc Translations, and Misc.US $ 1,500.
Tuition Fee for First YearUS $ 7,500.
Tuition Fee for Second YearUS $ 6,500.
Tuition Fee for Third YearUS $ 6,000.
Tuition Fee for Fourth YearUS $ 5,000.
Tuition Fee for Fifth YearUS $ 4,500.
Tuition Fee for Sixth YearUS $ 4,000.
Accommodation: 800 US $ (every year payment)
Mess Fees Extra.

KNU – Yenepoya International MBBS Admission Procedure

Kyrgyzstan National University MBBS Admission Booking Procedure.

  1. Submission of Application Form

    Applicants are required to submit their ID proof, and academic documents in soft copy, and make a booking fee payment of INR 1, 18,000 to block their seat. Call +91 9074592662 for support.

  2. Provisional Admission Letter

    After the verification process, successful applicants will receive a provisional admission letter along with a link to make the first part payment of US $ 3,500 for the first year.

  3. Admission Offer Letter

    Upon receipt of the first part payment, the applicants will receive an official admission offer letter.

  4. Document Verification

    After receiving the admission offer letter, students are required to pay the second instalment of US $3,500 along with all the original certificates.

  5. Final Processing

    The final instalment of US $4,000 for the first year’s tuition fee is to be paid to finalize the admission process, facilitate the visa application, and make travel arrangements.

Kyrgyzstan National University – Yenepoya International MBBS FAQ

check the frequently asked questions about KNU Below.

Can I practice in India after I complete my Medical Degree from Kyrgyzstan National University?

Yes, you can. To be eligible, you need to pass the NEET exam during admission, follow KNU’s course regulations, and clear the NEXT exam after returning to India. Additionally, complete a one-year internship as prescribed by NMC. Meeting these requirements allows you to practice medicine in India.

Can I get a job in Government Hospital or apply to Medical Institutions in India after I complete my Medical degree from Kyrgysthan National University?

Certain Certainly, upon completing your medical degree from this college, you’ll be eligible to pursue job opportunities in government hospitals and apply to medical institutions across India, provided you meet the necessary requirements. Your degree will open doors to various roles in the healthcare sector.

What kind of food will I get at Kyrgysthan National University?

Indian mess is available for students on campus and in hostels. So, Students from all parts of India will be comfortable with the food offered by Kyrgysthan National University. Also, There are middle eastern local cuisines and canteens near campus.

Does the tuition fee include the hostel fee at Kyrgyzstan National University?

No, Hostel fees have to be paid separately.

Can I get a Bank Loan to study at Kyrgyzstan National University?

Yes. Basically, the amount that you are going to get from the Bank will be depended on the Bank’s rules and your profile.

Is Kyrgyzstan National University listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory?

Yes, Kyrgyzstan National University is listed on the WHO website and WDOMS, please click the link below to verify.

To join Kyrgyzstan National University how do I apply for VISA and what document would I need?

The visa process begins with the post-admission letter. Submit 12th marks, passport, and eligibility docs for the invitation. After that, We process your Visa upon receiving the invitation.

Can my parents visit me at Kyrgyzstan National University? Can I travel during my holidays or stay back abroad?

Certainly, parents can visit anytime. Kyrgyz tourist e-visa is easy to receive. Students can travel during holidays or stay abroad if desired.

Does Yenepoya International Education provide hostel facilities? Or do we have to stay outside?

Yes, Yenepoya offers Hostel facilities for both Boys and Girls separately in KNU.

Are there any local bodies that can provide more info about Yenepoya International MBBS Education in Kyrgyzstan?

Yes, you can call +91 9074592662 for support.

Do I get Vegetarian food at Kyrgyzstan National University?

Yes, Vegetarian food is prepared and served separately at Kyrgyzstan National University.

After completing my MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, Can I do my internship in my country?

Yes. But, that is also depended on the eligibility of your country.

How can students pay the tuition fees and other fees for Yenepoya MBBS Abroad in Kyrgyzstan National University?

Students can easily pay via online bank transfer to the provided account in your admission letter. Alternatively, use forex partners for fee transfers.

Is there any special provision for International students to solve their personal problems or queries at KNU?

The university offers an on-campus International Support Team along with a team in India, dedicated to assisting students with any concerns. So, Feel free to reach out via email or contact them at your convenience.

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